Tuesday night @ The Spot


The Spot is back! 1st session we started with stamp making. These are some small stamps I carved outta an material brand named speedball. It’s soft like an eraser and can be carved using a variety of tools. In the above pictures you can see I’ve created a primitive rib cage and a hammer. Similar to the hammer of Thor.

I am really pleased with how this turned out given this is something I have never done before. I hope to carve some much more elaborate objects/scene’s. If you’ve been following the blog some readers may remember a wooden print block I was carving late in the year. It is pretty elaborate. The image is a serpent. I’ll likely print it very soon. I am really excited to see the results!

This Thursday @ The Spot is their monthly event “The Spot Light” it will feature local musical talent and local artist. Runs from 5 Pm – 8 Pm and some of my work will be featured there. Not a lot of new stuff unfortunately. With the passing of my grandfather it kinda suppressed my inspiration. But I was able to see him off, he is no longer suffering. Many people, friends and family showed for his funeral. He was loved and I will miss him very much.


A group project by The Spot featuring stamp making by several participants, facilitators and I.


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