GET SOLD! Thursday night @ The Spotlight

wpid-IMG_20140123_181719.jpg wpid-IMG_20140123_174642.jpg

Thursday night was a hit! I didn’t take a lot of art to this show, also I hold back on submitting too much work as to not detract from the other artist creations. This show is free for me to submit to and takes no commission. I always sell out, that has been my experience. The above photos are of works I sold within the first hour of doors opening. On the left; prints of works I regularly sell, landscapes of Halifax, NS. On the right; an original painted in acrylic. I worked from a photo taken at The Festival of Trees.

My business is growing, as well my network is growing. I really need to put the hammer down and try to establish a more consistent schedule of production. I’ve got my camera back and I can now pick my photography up again. Inspiration is born of adventure for me. Take my camera and run. Or even my adventures on the bus. I see so many interesting places, but I always forget to go back.

Time to print more business cards 🙂


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