Tuesday night @ The Spot, shadow boxes

wpid-IMG_20140128_193411.jpgwpid-IMG_20140128_193353.jpg wpid-IMG_20140128_193406.jpg 

I haven’t made shadow boxes since kindergarten. And these boxes have a particular memory associated with them that is very fond to me. Anyone remember the Dewey Decimal system? Well these boxes I believe once held those stacks of numbered cards I remember thumbing through in my childhood. There was something so romantic and whimsical, intimate about this now obsolete system. Everything now is managed seamlessly by computers.

You can see in the above pictures I’ve started by adding some creeping vines. They are painted in acrylic on cold press watercolor paper and then cut out and adhered to the box with masking tape. I’ve made an effort to ensure the vine is not flatly contoured to the boxes surface but stands forward casting shadows. In some instances the vines leave the confines of the box also. Thinking outside the box 😉

This is an ongoing project and I’ll post more as the box evolves. Enjoy 🙂

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