Open Studio & Wednesday night @ Connections


Above left; painting moments after completion

Above right; painting 24 Hrs after completion, if you look closely there is some interesting cracking in the paint surface.

We have started a new program at Connections, “Open Studio” and as the name suggests the creative process is pretty open. We have an Ezine also here at Connections that we share with a group in India. They use the same sort of recovery model we do. The Open Studio time can be used to create potential works for submission to the Ezine. Often the zine is themed and targeted at issues we share as a community.

During my Open Studio time I actually spent a lot of time creating this intricate pattern of abstract shapes and colors, probably about two hours. Then I put a latex glove on and splatted my hand right onto the canvas. I then mixed everything together and ended up with a gray work surface. This painting started on a re-purposed canvas and I actually kinda liked the painting underneath. So I grabbed a knife and started to scrape, build up and mold the gray splat I had before me. You can see a couple photo’s above, taken about 24 Hrs apart. I got a surprise this morning when I came in… There is some interesting cracking occurring in the paint surface. The colors peaking through are very vibrant.

The painting is compose of a preexisting dry acrylic paint surface, aged white tempura paint, acrylic paint, glitter.

wpid-IMG_20140129_190258.jpg wpid-IMG_20140129_190315.jpg


Wednesday night @ Connections was still life. We have a couple Beta fish that live in the building. They are affectionately name Winston (Purple Beta) and Orangina (Orange Beta) and they sleep a lot lol. So they are easy to capture in a sketch able pose. We then painted in watercolor. I did a really fast sketch and laid down some color. The product can be seen in the photos above. I wish we had some real watercolor paper but meh for a quick practice the news print sufficed. Enjoy.

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