Writers Circle @ Connections

Part 1:

Write a poem using the sound “mmm”… When I was a child I would listen to my Mom talk on the phone. This is what I heard 🙂

Mhmm, mhm, mhmmm

M’yeah, uh’hum, mmmm

Meh, emmm, maa’um

Mmm’bye, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm


Part 2:

Write a poem with a word drawn from a bowl randomly, my word is “Fuzzy”. The poem is to be written in three lines.

1. Fuzzy was my mind, fuzzy was my frontal lobe.

2. Fuzzy was my vision, and fuzzy were my hands and feet.

3. Fuzzy was my sleep and fuzzy were my dreams.



The End



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