Open Studio @ Connections

Inspiration for my next installation in the Halifax Landscape series has struck me. I was walking home at night from The Spot and I passed a store called Video Difference. This store in my mind is just as iconic as any other your could find in Halifax.

How many video rental stores do you know of that are independent and still surviving? There are the big players like Rogers and those unmanned kiosks you see scattered about in Toronto. But a genuine walk in, talk to a genuine film buff type of place with an insane collection of multi-genre and multi-racial film selection is a nearly extinct beast. And best of all… This place is lit up like the Vegas Strip and open 24/7.

So Yesterday in Open Studio @ Connections I sketched my first conceptual and after a bit of color study I’ll paint this in my traditional ink and watercolor technique. Here are a couple photo’s for my readers not familiar with the store.

wpid-IMG_20140204_151230.jpg wpid-IMG_20140130_195519.jpg


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