Tuesday night @ The Spot

wpid-IMG_20140204_183605.jpg wpid-IMG_20140204_193138.jpg

I really didn’t think Tuesday night was gonna happen for me. Monday was soo rough and then I got up really early Tuesday morning for my interview. I was still feeling a bit fuzzy, rough around the edges. But in my entire history of attending Connections and The Spot, I have never missed a session. No matter how shitty I feel, I get out and I go. So I decided why should this day be like any other.

On this night we decided to sketch some images for the purpose of printing. Screen Printing to be precise. Haley, one of our facilitators is a student @ NSCAD and her focus is on screen printing. She is an amazing artist!

Last Thursday night @ Connections I had made a stamp. The stamp was of a human rib cage and I took the concept from a book of medical sketches. So I decided to go the same route with my sketches you can see above.

Above left; 1st freehand, not at all intended to resemble a true to life sketch.

Above right; 2nd freehand, intended to be a bit more true to life. This image will be printed onto a black t-shirt, size medium.

I’m very interested to see the results 🙂


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