Thursday night @ The Spot

wpid-IMG_20140206_182021.jpg wpid-IMG_20140206_205919.jpg

Above left; Image generated from a wooden print block I relief carved a few weeks ago.

Above right; A sculpture made of light gauge steel wire.

With the assistance of Haley we printed my carved wood block. I think red was an awesome color choice. A couple attempts were required. At first we tried laying the block face down on the print surface and applying pressure. This did not generate a strong image. We could have added more ink but there may have also been some loss in detail.

Our second attempt, Haley laid the print block face up. We then laid the print surface on the block and while stabilizing the print surface with one hand the image can be in a sense massaged onto the print surface with your opposite hand. This was much more effective and rendered really nice detail in the scales.

Overall for my first wooden print block I am very satisfied with the results and I can see myself producing many more images. Stay tuned for future prints 🙂

Now as for my sculpture. This is not the first of its kind. It has an older brother I guess u could say 🙂 Sculpted about 7 Yrs ago by yours truly, you can see in the image below a comparison. I placed a 1.5L bottle of water in the photo to help with scale.


This previous sculpture is not as strong or as organic looking as the one I created this evening. But it has withstood the test of time. It is made of paperclips, which does allow for a much more uniform design outcome. The wire I just eyeball how much I need and cut it on the more recent sculpture. I feel like it is meant to grow. And perhaps grow it shall over the next few Spot visits. I had a lot of fun this evening. I met some new people, had an interesting chat about economics. I hope we get to chat again, This woman seemed very smart and very enthusiastic/passionate about learning and volunteering. The world can always use more people like that.


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