I had a dream

Last night I had a dream, it was a strange dream. There were three men, similar to something like the three stooges. And these men were insensibly rambling over and over about a weskit. I am sure this is a word I have read in something. I turned to google to define this word. This was the result; Weskit:

A waistcoat, a sleeveless upper-body garment. It is usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men’s formal wear. It is also sported as the third piece of the three-piece male business suit.

Well there you have it lol. I was dreaming about a vest. This is not the only dream I’ve had over the past six months though. I have started to dream A LOT. I find myself waking and often talking to myself. Often elaborate conversations with hand gestures ect… One night, I jumped outta bed like a ninja and landed on my feet. I’ve dreamed of fighting and in my sleep headbutt the wall lol. I really don’t know how to explain this sudden onset of memorable dreams. I have not dreamed of anything I can remember for years, since I was very very young.


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