Thursday night @ The Spot


I’ve worked on this piece both Tuesday and Thursday this week @ The Spot. It began as a stencil I cut out of card stock and then shadowed with black acrylic paint. The subject matter is social/political in nature I guess one could say. Here in Canada the Postal Service is planning on cutting the door to door delivery service by 2015 eliminating thousands of jobs. Check it out @ CTV News … This could mean the loss of up to 8000 jobs not to mention the economic impact and then there is always tradition to consider. You cannot see it here in the above photo really but the there is a tag line; “Save out Postal Workers” and the medium is stamps… Genuine Canadian stamps donated to the spot provide fill for the postman’s jacket, hat and gloves. I intend to follow this piece through to completion. Follow me here @ recovery_channel for updates. And feel free to weigh in on this matter by leaving a comment. I feel like this is something important for many reasons and we should look closely at how other countries are implementing cost savings/revenue boosting strategies.


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