writers circle; I wrote a song! lol

My first song writing experience. The subject matter was protest. One of my fellow writers was writing about a negative experience he had with Metro Transit. And I know for a fact he is not alone in this experience. I recently witnessed a driver for the #10 pull away from a dead stop while a pedestrian was crossing the street. It looked as though the driver intentionally pulled out and passed as close to the pedestrian as possible while blowing the horn continuously until he made a full pass. It was not only startling to the pedestrian but also to me as a bystander. And even more disturbing to witness after the recent passing of three persons struck by bus at crossings. This poor, poor attitude and behavior is less then appealing to witness especially in the light of rising fares and declining service/reviews. As a result, I wrote this song. I’m gonna try to put some music to it later. With my limited guitar skills lol. I do have a tune in my head, I’ll see if I can find something similar on Youtube. Here we go >

song; Driver # 10

La La La, La La La… Driver # 10

La La La, La La La… Driver # 10

*guitar intro

Put your weapon down. Oh put your weapon down

It really is a sin…

Four men down… Not one makes a sound.

Oooh! Put your weapon down…

Driver # 10.

It really is a sin!..

Were not def.

Were not blind.

Driver # 10, Can’t you SEE THE SIGN!..



La La La, La La La, Driver # 10

oh put your weapon down.

And the price it climbs. And the tempers never fall.

Everybody see’s and it BRINGS US TO OUR KNEE’S OH, Oh, oooh.

La La La, La La La… Driver # 10


OOOh, put YOUR WEAPON DOWN! put your weapon down.

*guitar fade out

Hmm :/ and that is it. That’s my song.

I’ll keep on the watch for a Youtube link. Enjoy.




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