side project; cubologistics ©

wpid-IMG_20140206_210141.jpg wpid-IMG_20140219_163041.jpg wpid-IMG_20140221_123145.jpg


This project had humble beginnings. It all started with a single cube made of 20 Gauge steel. It is a sturdy, modest cube. And little did I know… This cube was destine for greatness.

Above left; cube one. About 15 – 20 min to build. Roughly 1.5in³.

Above middle; now composed of about six cubes, build time is into the hours now. Design philosophy is non-existent. None of the pieces are measured. You can see on the under construction portion I’ve sussed out a bit of a strategy.

Above right; roughly 12 cubes in the structure now. I’ve taken to measuring the pieces. There is a bit of a design strategy now. As the structure grows larger, complex and heavier; reinforcing the weak points becomes more important. Reaching the weak points can prove difficult tho. I have large hands. I’ve employed the use of multiple tools to get around the problem for now.

End Game; My goal. Create a cube of galvanized steel measuring 1ft³. This piece will be mounted on a stone base with placard. The work will be available to view and purchase shortly. Thanks, Enjoy.


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