And then there was. One

WoWScrnShot_raiding day one

This is the last pic I was able to grab before Demons Legion disappeared. It disappeared over night. I logged in one day and things were a buzz, log in the next and zip. Not but a handful of soldiers left. News from one of the underlings that got left behind is that the core group joined Apathy Inc. and jumped servers.

Honestly I don’t blame them, Eredar is a dying server. They need the connected realm pop boost more then anyone. The economy is wayyy off balance, finding an active guild is near impossible. Be damned if I am gonna pay the transfer fee tho to get off this server. Blizz makes it pretty easy now to just group up via and I can still roll with my friends in BG’s and such.

But now I’ve got the bug. I have discovered the hidden joy of leveling a toon 🙂 It is not something you gotta rush. Take your time, set goals. Heirlooms make it quick, easy and OP. You can mail your looms cross server now… And, that is AWESOME. Soo, long story short I went off to find a new home. This time I did some homework. I studied realm pop, faction ratios and guild progression. Went for a high pop server this time that favored my faction numbers a little. My faction being Horde. Then I called it home. I’m leveling a new toon their now and so far so good. Que pops are consistent, at least right now. Not sure what 90 will look like. Stay tuned and I’ll post some pics for ya. I’m playing a new class, caster. Totally new to me. Way more shit your pants action in PvP that’s for sure!

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