Tuesday night @ The Spot; Murals

wpid-IMG_20140304_193233.jpg wpid-IMG_20140304_193830.jpg



March 6th, 2014 is the next mini installment of The Spotlight. We are having a show… But not as big. The big one will be later this month I think. As per usual I will be there with my art if anyone is interested in catching a piece (both shows, this weeks and later in the month). I’ll likely be taking unframed prints, 50$ Ea.

This Tuesday evening we worked on finishing up some murals that the participants had started the week before. I was off sick all last week so I decided to start a new one with Hayley. The concept was to be a bit more totem/native in nature but it turned into what you see above. The medium is pencil, marker, acrylic paint and stamps carved of speedball brand rubber. I should have taken some shots of the other mural also but I was overtime and rushing for close. I’ll try to snap a pic at The Spotlight.

Above; my second attempt at a phoenix type piece. I think this was moderately more successful then the last. But you be the judge. This is not a finished piece and I’m not 100% my name will go on it. I had a lot of fun tho, I just got in the zone and let it flow. I don’t get really excited about a piece of paper taped to the wall. A canvas though. I really need to try something on this scale. Enjoy.


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