writers circle; Get Angry

Today’s writing exercise was a pretty common one here @ Connections. We have three jars with random words written on colored paper. Ya take one of each color then write a piece using the words. My words; On a plane, Jump and Angry. And so I wrote this. Typical protest piece:

I have my angry days, it all makes me angry

The news makes me jump in anger.

We live in this so called Global Community.

The commercials shout we are in this together.

Then I read the paper and it makes me Angry.

Countries locked in cold war, centuries after spilled blood .

Nation rising against Nation for their natural resources.

Economic hit men jump from the night and plunge entire societies into servitude and it makes me Angry.

I have my Angry days and I think the rest of the world does too.

but I’m not sure.

I see them smiling in their servitude. Starving, no shelter and under paid.

Swollen in the belly and voices suppressed by corrupt government.

Government corrupting Government. Committing social genocide.

Not everyone is free to just jump on a plane. The ones that need it the most can’t just GET ANGRY and escape to relaxing beauty.

The thought of it makes me sick.

Just because of where I was born. I’m not a global refugee.

struggling to escape the all encompassing label of terrorist threat.

It makes me Angry. But… I am free to travel anywhere my heart desires.

I can go nearly anywhere and find a peaceful little slice of America.

But at what price?

We should all get Angry. Get Angry, jump on a plane.

Travel to the places we drown in poverty.

Witness the true price of our brand name shoes.

Look deep into the face of economic warfare. Get Angry.

Speak Up, Act Out. Demand WORLD CHANGE. Demand WORLD ACTION.

Ross W


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