Job Hunting @ Connections; recovery milestone!

Well, it has been a long haul. It will be one year since my hospitalization at the Mayflower in Dartmouth as of May. I’ve come a long way. A lot of my OCD has tapered off to a dull, tolerable roar in my mind. With the help of the proper medication and supports I’ve been able to get my anxieties mostly under control. I still experience mild irritations but nothing compared to the hell my head was in 10 months ago. With that said, time to take the next step. Employment.

I worked before I got sick and I will work again.

I have connected with Luke Macdonald @ Aerobics First on Quinpool Rd.

Though he has not identified me as a prospective employee for his store Luke has many connections in the fitness industry. I’ve been travelling around the HRM visiting employers I feel are a good fit for me. Here is a list I’m working from:

Bicycles Plus – Bedford Hwy

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

The Running Room – Halifax


The Cycle Smith

The North Face – dealer locations:

The Trail Shop – 6210 QUINPOOL RD.

The Adventure Outfitters – 5187 SALTER ST

The Summit Shop – 1559 BARRINGTON ST

Cyclone, the indoor cycling specialist


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