That shit is bananas.

wpid-IMG_20140306_132917.jpg wpid-IMG_20140306_133434.jpg


I was rummaging around in the art cabinets at Connections looking for something to seal a painting. I stumbled upon this ancient container of “Mod Podge” 😐 The label says 1992. It certainly smelled like 1992 lol. I was high within 30 seconds of opening it up 😛 I am very sure some of my slower weaker brain cells were eradicated. Survival of the fittest you know.

Long story short, it didn’t work. I followed the directions but as you can maybe see in the above right photo; the sealant went down full of air bubbles. No matter how many times I tried to smooth it out the bubbles came back. I also tried to dry it in a cool environment, thinking maybe it was some sort of chemical reaction with the paint or other materials. I gave the Podge more than five hrs to dry and it just wouldn’t dry. I am curious how this product performs fresh and new.

This piece turned out to be an experiment gone wrong and is now laying at the bottom of the trash bin. Onto bigger and better things 🙂


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