Job Hunting @ Connections; I’m an Artist.

Ok soo last week I covered my pursuit of job opportunities in the outdoor fitness industry. This week I am researching my opportunities in the Arts. The reason I am pursuing two avenues is simple. My funding requires that I find a full time/permanent position. And… The “simple truth” about the outdoor fitness industry is that it often only takes extra people on in the warmer months. They lay off in the winter, with the exception of one rule. If you can prove yourself more valuable then the existing staff employers will go cut throat. Not to paint all employers with the same brush, but this has been my experience. There is no union in this competitive industry that has no standards ie; necessary credentials ect. some places have an unspoken pecking order but all things are subject to change without notice. I learned the hard way.

Enough of the blues, here is my hit list:

Fireworks Jewelry – Barrington St.

Maritime Frame – Spring Garden Rd.

Art Supplies wholesaler – Gottigen St.

Studio 21 – 1273 Hollis St.

Art Gallery – behind Connections

The Bead Shop – Pizza Corner

Art Gallery  of NS – 1723 Hollis St.

Secord Gallery/Hall of Frame

Zwickers Gallery

Caffefour Atlantique Emporium – Historic Properties

Eye Level Gallery

Veith St. Gallery

Gallery Page & Strange – 1864 Granville St.

Viewpoint Gallery

Maples Gallery – 1475 Lower Water St.

The next step is to compose a CV “Curriculum Vitae”… In a sense this blog fulfills that roles but I think something on paper would be good for distribution. I can always attach one of my business cards. Wish me luck! 🙂


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