New space, old idea. Platform Halifax trying to step up.

I subscribe to the Eyelevel Gallery via email. I get updates on their shows ect. And sometimes included in these updates are little tidbits about the state of our arts community here in Halifax. Take a quick gander @ this excerpt:

“With the recent eviction of the The Khyber Centre for the Arts and the Roberts Street Social Centre, and the precarious future of the Anna Leonowens Gallery, these seem like dark days for the independent visual arts in Halifax. Yet bold new ideas are being actualized and communities are being mobilized. Eyelevel Gallery has courageously embraced its nomadic reputation and Platform Halifax is seeking to establish new shared art space in the city.”

You can check out Platform Stockholm here:

Not to be a d-bag on this one but in the past year I have seen soo many initiatives I can’t keep track of them. I’ve attended art groups, seminars, fund raisers ect. Some thriving and some dying. The art community is spread thin and I rarely see them completely unite on any one thing. Everyone has a spin on what they think it should look like and maybe they have a few followers. “A few” followers is not gonna keep an organization like this a float. I hope Platform Halifax comes in like a big dog. Carves out some territory and goes epic prolific! But I’ll believe it when I see it. There are already some up and comers to contend with, little dogs growing into big dogs. Platform Halifax says there chief concern @ the moment is space. Get in line;

“This space would provide 35 – 50 artist studios, along with a gallery/event space. So what’s the hold for this much needed cultural hub? At this time all we are looking for approximately 10,000 sq ft to get started. However, as the issue always is in Halifax, finding space can prove to be a bit of a challenge.”

above; quote taken from Platform Halifax facebook page. The “About” section.

I see that they are working with some established community programs. Specific mention of the Bloomfield Center. And others, not sure who “others” are but maybe I haven’t been doing enough digging. There are a few names here I am interested in to;

Director Cameron MacLeod and local artist/administrator Melanie Colosimo

I’m gonna keep my eye on this.

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