Tenacious ME & The Pencil of Destiny


Spring is on the march 😛 First thaw, on my way to the bus stop I could see the signs. The snow banks are diminishing and the sidewalks are bare.

A few days ago, upon the bare pavement I stumbled literally over a pencil. A 2B full pencil, black and stained with salt. It is a sign I quietly said to myself as a bystander awkwardly glanced at me taking a picture of my find lol. I stashed the pencil in my bag and made haste for the bus.

I shall use this pencil of destiny to carve out a new season of art 😉 I have good feelings about this year. I’m running out my old stock till April 11th. My B-Day, then starting fresh. New series and New mediums. Stay tuned!

And a little something for those of you who may not get the pun 😉


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