Thursday night @ The Spot; I sew stuff


Above left; Artist Book, cover; black cardstock joined in the back with construction glue. Flower pattern; hand carved stamp (speedball material) stamped with gold acrylic paint, brass fixtures secured with hot glue. Not seen here, ribbon for holding the book closed. I took this photo while materials were still drying.

Above right; 6 Pg’s of watercolor paper, hand bound to cover with gold thread.

This is the first of probably many books to come. I really enjoyed making this piece. It’s artistic in form and practical in function. The binding technique used here is very simple though I have looked into more complex/durable options. I can produce these for personal use @ reasonable cost or produce for sale. As my technique improves I’ll employ the use of higher quality materials. I say job well done for a first attempt. This one is reserved for a gift, plenty of love went into it. Production time I estimate was about 2.5 Hrs.



Above; Coin Purse, fabric is deep blue velvet and blue/gold w/paisley design. Backing and seams were first sealed with hot glue then hand stitched with black thread. Opening will be secured using magnets. I wasn’t able to finish this project within the allotted time frame. I also broke a needle. I will complete these next Tuesday.

I have never sewn anything before, maybe a button. These are a little rough around the edges but I think that just adds character lol. Gotta start somewhere. I am sure I’ll be adding sewing to my list of regular projects to improve my skills on. Enjoy! And as always. Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thursday night @ The Spot; I sew stuff

    • Haha, Thanks Elena. I think I’m addicted. I sewed another bag two days later. And I am gonna sew a really simple medicine bag for distribution to Connections (for free). A community clubhouse I am a member at. Check out my most recent post.


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