Tuesday night @ The Spot; I sew more stuff!


Above; Small tote (8′ H x 5″ W) outer shell; canvas, lining; paisley swatch. Drawstring tubing stitched with grey, no break thread. Body sewn with standard black thread. Temporary nylon rope used to stitch drawstring in, will be replaced with twine and wooden bead for adjustment. Stamp and ink will be used to print insignia on the bag. This bag is completely 100% hand made.The above bag has already been spoken for. Contact me for more info if your interested in one of your own.

I decided to step up my game a little. This is my second sewing project and I say not too shabby. I went from a simple coin purse to a lined bag with drawstring. This bag measures roughly 8″ in height and 5″ in width. Completely hand stitched. Made of 75% recycled materials. Production time; 4 Hrs. I have yet to find a proper drawstring and I will be branding the bag with the “recovery_channel” insignia as seen on this blog.

I gotta say. I have a new addiction! This sewing thing is soo addictive. I have plans already in the works for medicine bag’s, small totes as seen above with some slight modifications to increase durability. Lastly a large tote with shoulder strap. All recovery_channel branded. The designs will reflect a minimalist style and adhere to the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, recycle” I hope you enjoy reading and I will keep you posted for when the first project breaks ground.


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