In the name of Progress.

I’ve been at this for nearly 1 Yr. This blog contains roughly 200 posts. When I started to write I was a patient at the Nova Scotia Hospital, Mayflower unit. I set a goal I have yet to deliver on. Many of my goals associated with recovery have been followed through to completion and I have never been in a better place over these past 11 Months.

My goal to distribute a free product from my blog has yet to come to fruition. But… Do Not fear 😉 I’ve been working on a little something. For those of you following my blog there has been little hints dropped here and there about which direction my production is going. Today I’m going to put the final design nail in the coffin and prepare for distribution.

Before launch there are a few loose ends I want to tie up.

1. Establish my Mission Statement, Core Values and Production Philosophy.

2. Revamp my Gallery. I’ve found my camera cable, I’ve got a tripod and set design is in progress. The sales status on many of my originals is not clear. I’ll be cleaning that up.

3. Create tracking documents that can be utilized by the public. These documents will include product sales, print numbers for items sold as print, Province & City of sale. This will help to track sales trends and provide the customer with transparency regarding their print and its production limits.

Time to put my head down and get to work. As always you can see my progress here at recovery_channel™, stay tuned and Enjoy. Thanks again to all my supporters locally and all my readers. Local, Nationally & Internationally.



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