Open Studio @ Connections; and my two cents.



Another piece added to the “Static Motion” collection. I plan on releasing six original pieces. All will be on display @ Connections and open for purchase. I will be following the same technique throughout the collection. It is important to recognize the photographers who shoot the works I use as reference. All my sketches/final products reference the works if applicable. Typically I handle all my own camera work. Some photo techniques I’m not 100% familiar with so I need to turn to the internet to search out the perfect subject, captured in that perfect way. Thanks and props to all you great artist from all walks!

note; I do make an effort to use works that are not obviously copyrighted (marked by insignia, citing the date) or watermarked and/or clearly marked for sale. If possible I make an effort to contact the artist for clearance to use their work as reference material. And, I would expect the same in return. Soo with that said, ALL of my works are available for reference or aid in the production of new and original works. My works are not available for reproduction and/or sale by any other than yours truly Ross Ward. Thanks for your cooperation and support.


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