Production gets ramp up

wpid-IMG_20140331_135944.jpg wpid-IMG_20140331_151421.jpg



In the beginning things were set into motion by an ambitious idea, a big bang inside my head. And then the universe of branding, design, pattern making, sewing (by hand and later with a machine), prototyping, sourcing, ethics, social responsibilities, fairtrade, certified organics, quality control, overhead costs, stamp making, promotion and distribution became immediately omnipresent.

and. I LOVE IT.

Monday while hand sewing a bag which takes me roughly half an hour from cutting the pattern to final product I began to think of the recommendations pouring in from novice and professional artist I’ve captured the attention of. One of which is to use a machine. I had some environmental concerns at first, but I did my research and Connections has a community sewing machine I can use. And use it I did.

It took me about half hour to an hour to learn how to learn the machine. My production time now; 10 bags an hr plus 🙂

I’ve had to put things on hold tho. I’ve run out of materials and my primary hang up right now is sourcing materials from socially and ethically responsible suppliers.

I committed the entire day yesterday to conducting research and it is mind blowing how destructive the textile industry is to the environment and to the communities that supply raw product. Price wars are a continuous source of direst economically. American companies survive under huge subsidies from the Government @ a cost of roughly 4 Billion a year. The subsidies drive price of production down to compete with international imports all the while the price of imports is low because the raw materials and refined products are produced on the back of slave and child labor with complete disregard for the environmental impact. 😦

I’m still conducting my research and I’ve found some very promising results. I’ll follow up on this one by the end of the week. I don’t wanna be sitting in a stall out for too long. Here is a quick glance @ where I stand in the production process:



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