Production day; 1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am excited!



Today was AWESOME! Best word I got in my vocab to explain the entire process I experienced today. Yesterday I hit all my vendors after doing some price crunching and calling about looking for natural products made in Canada.

Today started early, I barely slept I was soo excited lol. Check it out:

9:30 Am – arrive @ Connections

10:00 Am – prewash my fabrics

11:00 Am – dry fabrics/preshrink

11:15 Am – started new art piece; Static Motion #5

12:15 Pm – lunch

12:45 Pm – volunteer for dish crew

1:15 Pm – prep for ironing my fabrics

note; Prep takes up a lot of my time, prep and tear down. But that’s how you roll when your using public resources in an already cramped for space location. I got no issue with it really, its allowing me to pull off my mini venture. No complaints here. Only praise and Thanks! Thank you Connections for being supportive!

2:00 Pm – I managed to get everything together, the iron was not the most premium and the fabric was a bit disagreeable. But I found the perfect table, some natural sunlight and ironed it up. It went pretty well I think all things considered.

2:30 Pm – laid down my pattern and cut all my pieces. Normally in mass production this part is done by a press and they cut like 100 pieces of fabric @ a time. I cut em out one by one. Ya gotta start somewhere 😉

3:00 Pm – Everything is set, time to sew and sew I did. I managed to pull off 27 bags, 33 was my goal. This is for one hour of production time.

4:00 Pm – clean-up. Can’t leave my things out. Gotta make sure everything is locked up for the weekend.

4:30 Pm – leave Connections. I cycle and sometimes my bike takes the long way home 🙂

5:45 Pm – dinner… Step into my office. They let me work @ the Diner 🙂


8:00 Pm – Home, blogging. Below; a days work 🙂


Soo satisfied! I think this weekend I am gonna take it off for reals, no volunteering. No public events. Just chill @ home, game & doodle. Listen to music. Just chill.

Next week I go full ham, 100 Bags by Wednesday. Stamps for branding by Friday. The stamp has been delayed a few times. I’m carving the stamp myself by hand. Materials and tools have been an issue. There is pretty much only two art stores downtown and when stuffs outta stock ect. ya gotta run back n forth. Can’t get everything you need in one place. Gotta get price matching, blah blah blah.

All in all. Everything said and done. I had a great production day, I learned a lot of stuff and I feel the knowledge is just gonna keep pouring in. Lay it on me!

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