Thursday night @ The Spot; more testing


More testing @ The Spot. I have completed sewing all 100 bags. The trick now is brand them. I’ve carved three stamps, various sizes but this canvas is tough to print on. I think I’m on to something tho. I need a mid size stamp, possibly professionally made. By ME 😛 I’m gonna be a pro at this by time I get it right lol. I’m learning soo much awesome stuff. I need to learn more and fast to get this brand on the bag and start distribution. I gave away one unmarked bag, and within 5 Hrs the word was out and I started getting calls. Can I have one, where can I get it ect.

I took some to the spot obviously. A couple of the participants took advantage of the canvas construction and painted there own art on them. It was really nice to see the bags utilized. And so quickly.

I’m also getting a lot of support on this project. I get positive feedback from most anyone I talk to about it. My contact @ Connections; Mike and the Director Nancy have been hugely supportive. Nancy hooked me up with some great info about a conference for the arts and creative/social enterprises in Nova Scotia. And some upcoming support for the arts, sales and social enterprise here in Halifax. I look fwrd to exploring the city this summer and marketing my art and newly found passion for sewing, design and innovation. DIY’s ect. I think its going to be a great summer. Oh and BTW, My B-Day tomorrow!!! 🙂 The big three oh. lol.

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