One year ago today. Happy B-Day to me!!!

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One year ago today I celebrated my birthday in the Nova Scotia Hospital, Mayflower unit. And I made a friend 🙂 Shona. Though life is busy and I am well on my way to recovery I wanna Thank Shona and everyone who supported me and helped me along the way. This is a little bit of a list so bare with me;

I would like to first thank Lenard & Ladean Chevrette for being there when I needed them. Thanks for sleeping on my apartment floor and watching over me. Thanks for driving me to my procedure. Thanks for being hospitable to my Dad and making time in your busy lives to make sure my needs were met. And Thank you for being my friends.

Thanks so much to my Dad for coming to Toronto and staying with me through the tough times. For spending the week with me and suffering through all my fears, obsessions and eccentricities. Thank you to Randy Perry and my Dad also for moving all my personal effects back home to Halifax, NS.

Thank you times a million to my life long friend Deacon Day and his wife Avril. Thanks for coming to Toronto and flying me home. Thanks for listening to all my rants and striving to be supportive even in my darkest moments. Thank you for drawing the line in the sand and getting me the help I need. Your care and consideration is likely the biggest contributor to my recovery.

Thank you to Trevor Crystal and partner Janet for all your help. Janet made the time in her schedule to drive me around, take care of some final errands and offer kind words of support in my moments of suffering. Thanks to Trevor for arranging a gathering of all my friends before I left Toronto for Home. I miss all of my friends in Ontario. Hopefully I can visit you all sometime soon.

Thank you to my employer and friend Bill Greene and his wife Leslie for offering genuine concern and support. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you to Leslie for consulting with me about my health and providing me with professional insight regarding alternative medicines. I still follow your suggested regiments and I continue to feel the positive life impact. Thank you Bill for taking me to the health food store and providing me with the financial support necessary to make my purchases.

Thanks again also to Trevor and Derek “Bulldog” Whitbread (hope I spelled the last name right) for bringing my bikes home. My babies made it back in one piece and a year later I am back in the saddle and loving every moment of it. Thank you also to Sears, Ride to Conquer Cancer for their co-operation with Trevor and Derek in the safe transport of my bikes.

Huge Thanks out to all the friends I’ve made here in Halifax. Thank you to Connections, Halifax. Thank you to my contact person Mike Nahirnak for getting me through the tough times and keeping me grounded. Thank you to Heather MacDonald  for also supplying a listening ear and offering supportive feed back. Thank you Nancy Beck for also listening to my concerns, helping me to grow and understand the meaning of recovery. Thank you to Doctor Dini for your listening ear and working with me to find the right chemical cocktail to keep me on the right side of recovery. Thank you also to the entire Connections staff. You have all played a huge role in my recovery and without you I may not have made it to the productive and fulfilling place I am in life at this moment.

Thank you to anyone I may have missed, Connections Members & Members of other support groups I attend. Life is back on track and please know that no matter who you are and how little you think your actions may have impacted my recovery. Truly know that every positive action no matter how big or small has helped to build me up into the strong and healthy man you see today.

Thank you, and Happy B-Day to me 🙂



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