Open Studio @ Connections; I try markers by Tombo :)

wpid-img_20140415_151627.jpg wpid-img_20140415_151702.jpg

Above left; X-Twisted Sisters construction site by RW. Vellum paper, 4H Pencil, Tombo water based markers, white acrylic paint.

Above right; 10 Pcs Marker/brush (primary colors with blender) by Tombo.

What do I think? I think AWESOME! It took me a while to get the real hang of how the blending marker works. I’m not even sure if I used it correctly. I had some concerns about how the water based marker would adhere to the Vellum’s surface. The papers surface has a bit of a waxy texture. Note; I am using the Vellum because we have an excess of the paper at the studio.

The markers did resist a little and bead on the surface, I just had to slow the pace a little. Solved the problem. I am interested to give this a go on some water color paper. The above left photo is inspired by a photo I took of the construction site omw to the art store. I love construction sites, I love industrial sites. Think I feel a series coming on 😛


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