Tuesday night @ The Spot; screen printing

wpid-img_20140422_191305.jpg wpid-img_20140422_182343.jpg wpid-img_20140422_182403.jpg

I consider Tuesday night to have been very productive. I was able to screen print my brand onto a handful of medicine bags and that puts me one day closer to distribution. The art facilitator was awesome enough to burn the images onto a screen for me. I do need to work a bit on my technique but ya know all these things are a learning process.

The images of the cyclist are a friend of mine from Toronto, Ontario. Trevor Crystal is the subject. I created this image from a photo taken of him at Point Pleasent Park. This is a symbol of endurance and conviction. Trevor rides across Canada to fight Children’s Cancer. He participates in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. The tag line “Ride to Conquer” along with a few minor shadow fixes will accompany the final image. Special Thanks to Trevor for allowing me to use his likeness and the image for my production purposes.


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