Open Studio @ Connections; abstract & still life


Wednesday was a great day @ Connections.

Above left; 3rd piece in an abstract series I’ve been working on. This is on a much more favorable platform. The other two are on the Vellum I’ve been using from Connections. It is a mixed media piece; acrylics, gloss based glitter, oil pastel. Finger painted. I had a lot of fun making this one.

Above right; Still life, I decided to capture the resource room @ Connections. This is where members relax or be productive. Support their peers, mingle over coffee and tea. We have meetings, answer the phones and experience life. You may ask why are their no people in such a busy place. Well, some members prefer to remain anonymous. And I respect that. So no people 🙂 Mediums; 4H Pencil, colored pencils, black marker brush, water based color marker brush.



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