Thursday night @ The Spot; more screen printing

wpid-img_20140424_184223.jpg wpid-img_20140424_185330.jpg

I was really able to get into the screen printing tonight.

Above left; This is a makeshift screen printing table lol. Typically the screen would be hinged on a table with a padded surface. The surface would have a register or a guide of sorts to indicate that the position of your material and your screen. I don’t have the means to fix the frame to the table and the surface is not padded. What your looking at in the center (small frame marked with masking tape) is a offsetting stack of printer paper. The seam of the bag was making for sloppy contact points. By raising the center of the bag complete contact could be achieved. The larger frame (marked with masking tape) indicated the outer limits of the print frame. Line the two up and you get a reasonably consistent print each time.

Above right; 35 completed bags, roughly 15 maybe 20 min of labor. I will have the rest finished for Mays Spotlight, I’m confident its an achievable deadline. I can’t think of a better venue to premier the product. Given the Spots large contribution to making this project possible. Thanks Spot coordinators Barb and Mike 🙂


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