the therapeutic effects of blogging

Its been a few days since I last blogged. Truth is I’ve had trbl concentrating, I’ve been demotivated. Not more than 2 weeks ago I was on a roll. I couldn’t be stopped, I craved progress. Now I just feel like getting anything started is equal to pulling teeth. I’ve got fucked up symptoms, each one I am trying to ignore as it pops up. Hives are the newest on the list. Itchy as fuck and I have no answer for why its happening. I ask myself over and over again am I having bed bug issues, but there is no evidence of that. Is it my meds, is it the pharmacies med fuck up.

I always find if I keep up with my blog it keeps me grounded but sometimes I don’t even want to feel grounded. I gotta clean the fuck outta my room today. It has to happen. I am on it. This is gonna get done. Then I am gonna go for a walk. Get my ass outta the house for a bit. Instead of just sitting here like a space cadet and wallowing in my own lack of motivation.


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