the therapeutic effects of blogging; continued

The proof is in the pudding… After writing my first post about the therapeutic effects of blogging, I read the post about a half million times. Reading it helped. It helped me to realize that if I write about a problem and then take no action to correct the very inaction I’m complaining about, that! Makes me an enabler. I wallow in my own self pity, I complain about things that are within my power to change. All I need to do is take action. Please note this is a personal evaluation, this assessment is not true for everyone.

Saturday night I went full ham. I went shopping and spent money I don’t really have but, that’s the name of the game when your on disability. If you need things, ya roll the dice. Spend the money and pray that nothing goes down throughout the month that requires more money. I bought frames, the hope is that I will sell some artwork this month. Gotta invest in yourself if ya wanna be successful. I also hit the clothing section. I recently picked up a gym membership at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. I didn’t really have any work out clothes, and well… Now I do.

I needed to clean my room also, and were talking mega clean. I needed to make sure there were no creepy crawly culprits for the hardcore bites or hives I’m getting. And so I picked up a new storage container for my clothes. I got everything up off the floor and into the wash. I tore my bed apart and moved every piece of furniture from every corner, nook and cranny. And nothing. I mean there was mess. I needed to sweep and dust ect. but no bugs. Not a sign of bed bugs, not a sign of any kinda bug and I got right down into the mattress and the corners. I used a high powered light to examine every square inch. Nothing.

So whatever is going on… It is an invisible bug, or I am having a reaction to something I am eating, or my meds. Next step; Make a doctors appt.

I really wanna go to the pool and to the gym but I don’t wanna make this condition worse, or spread it around if that is possible. I might even go to see a walk in today.

Long story short, I gave myself the kick in the ass I needed. And shit got done.

All thanks to my blog.

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