Your Art HERE! @Connections


The time has come. Several weeks ago it was decided that Connections would embrace the creativity of it’s members and make space for works to be displayed and sold. My contact person Mike Nahirnak and I finally put the idea into action and there is now this rudimentary space you see in the above photo.

I applaud Connections for embracing this idea. Not sure how I feel about the execution of this idea and others like it. I understand we have access to limited resources, I also understand the idea of an entrepreneurship and Connections relationship hasn’t always been love at first sight. I have heard the expressions of concern regarding high expectations from the employee’s. These cumulative hardships add up to slow execution, staggered momentum and member/employee frustration when it comes to some of the programming.

The art project is “off the ground”… I feel in a mediocre way.

Better than not off the ground at all I guess.


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