Two cool things in one day, good thing I’m on meds lol.

wpid-img_20140516_131629.jpgFor reals I am making a donation. I wonder if the plate can be dedicated to someone. The only reason I’ve been really into my books again is thanks to recreation counselor at Connections. We will find out. For $25 and a great cause its totally worth it. The new library is at about 5 Million raised against their 6 Million dollar goal. I say bravo Halifax. This new library is gonna be sick!

wpid-img_20140516_205424.jpgI decided to take the long way home in the evening. Rode by this little condo development in the north end. Indoor Storage and Repair Area. This is like a condo from heaven. As tho it literally dropped out of the sky courtesy of the bike gods 🙂 I say that cause well, pretty much every new development I’ve seen lately are supplying outdoor parking. Droves of it, unprotected from the elements. Most Condos even enforce rules against bringing your bike inside, into your own unit. I’ve even noticed while riding around and exploring the city there are ample amounts of repair nodes in just the right places, almost like it was planned that way lol. I’m starting to feel like I actually live in a progressive city when it comes to cycling infrastructure. Keep it up Halifax.


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