what’s in a spirit animal?


Above; tattoo sample from www.tattoostime.com 

I am a huge fan of artwork by Justine Kerr & Trevor Van Den Eijnden. Both artist frequently include animals in their works. Commonly the Crow/Raven, however they have been known to paint other animals.

I had the opportunity to engage in great conversation with Justine Kerr at the Coburg Coffee House. While purchasing a piece of her art 🙂 Gotta support local!

I found that her work carries a lot of spiritual energy. The appearance of the Crow/Raven, Owl and Bear are common in her works and these are spirit animals she described as being connected with.

I’ve not had the opportunity to speak with Trevor but I would imagine the message is very similar. In some way he is connected with the image of the Crow or Raven. I have noticed often the beaks are portrayed as the muzzle of a pistol. Personally I love it. I’ve painted many animals and often I substitute parts of their anatomy with mechanical likeness.

I ask myself often as an artist, what’s in a spirit animal? In my works I do not focus on any one particular animal, often the works are the product of happenstance.

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, born and raised in a christian background however the main theme was monotheism. No room for many spiritual connections. Omens, Idols, Totems, Spirit Guides ect. all dismissed.

So the answer to my question? Well, I’ve found online many different means of determining your spirit animal. Most provide a brief description of the animal and how it resonates with it’s human counterpart. I’ll share a few.

1. Aries, The Ram. My sign of the Zodiac(Tropical).

2. Pisces, The Fish. My sign of the Zodiac(Sidereal)

read about the Tropical & Sidereal calenders here.

3. The Rat. Heavenly branch; Wood. My sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Maybe time to start considering including some of this imagery into my artwork. I am pretty sure it will resonate with the people. I see a lot of this sort of thing in the public papers, I hear a lot about it in open conversation. Maybe there is room in my life and in my spiritualism for a few more interests. This will most certainly not become my new “religion”, But I think it can and will contribute to shaping… Growing my spirituality.


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