Judge a book by it’s cover? I do. Always.


I’m sure everyone has done it. I’ve read that subconsciously we judge a book by it’s cover (or person ect.) within the first 15 seconds of an encounter roughly. I will openly admit I judge books by their cover. I like when the cover is plain, no pictures. This way I get to read the book my way, no expectations of what the author intended the landscape and characters to look like by picking a piece of art for the cover. I like when the book looks worn, worn is a good indicator the book is well read. Many people have held the book and thumbed the pages. I look at how a book is bound, the quality of the paper. Has it withstood the test of time? Did the author care enough to put as much into the physical construction of their book as they cared to put into their story?

I admittedly judge everything by it’s cover. People, organizations, corporations, government and Artists. Which brings me to the focal point of my post… When I am looking to the community for assistance with my art, promotion and gallery I expect a certain amount of up front competence and sparkle in an organization. By upfront competence and sparkle I mean they have taken the time and care to groom their first impression, make it shine.

Right now in Halifax a few organizations seem to be front runners for emerging artist; We will simply call them organization A, B and C. If you Google any one of these resources you find a mix of page redirection, broken links and poor page construction leading to poor communication. And surely enough, local Artist are associating themselves with this image. And sadly ultimately out of limited choice.

Personally, as you can likely tell I have judged book A, B and C by their cover. And I think rightfully soo. As an emerging artist I have no desire to associate myself with a poor first impression.We live in a digital age, everything is a .com and the first thing a consumer does is Google their subject.

These programs are in receipt of government funding and private funding from several contributors. Organizations A, B and C are partners with either each other or other funding streams and should at the very least understand the value of first impressions. Art is all about presentation, the average artist has enough trouble being taken seriously without their primary support group poorly representing their image on the front line.

With that said I am aware to some I may also fit in the gutter, I use this simple blog and social networking tools to spread my image and works.

My work carries a certain quality of craftsmanship that cannot be denied. It sells.

Everyone is a critic, and everyone is entitled to their two cents. I will be the first to say even in my own presentation I’m not sparkling fresh, but I got one up on orgs A, B and C.

Sorry guys, I hope you have plans in the future to try harder at presenting yourselves as a force with sparkle and shine in the arts that an affiliate can be proud to be part of. Improve their image. Not drag it down. Step up Halifax and give emerging artist more choices, Step up A, B and C. Work on your first impressions. I’ll be watching 😉


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