Thursday night @ The Spot; I doodle!


Above; mixed media on wax paper, I used several sharpies here. I used a white oil based sharpie and then watercolor marker brush for the shading. Intention, to create a piece that responded to sunlight. Below; same piece, mounted in the window. I am not married to this piece really, it was an experiment. I’ve never drawn on wax paper or used the oil based sharpie. The composition of the images combine all my signs of the zodiac and the anchor just seemed fitting for Halifax, NS. I added the vine and flowers for the fun of it. I hope someone likes it 🙂


I found these great glass back frames at Walmart of all places, very classy. I may try and revamp this or just stick with the original and throw it into one of the frames. Depending on where a person choose to hang or prop the frame it would provide some interesting light effects. Sorry bout the poor photography, this is shot with my phone and the wax paper has a sheen.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look 🙂



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