Tuesday night @ The Spot; Man of Steel ;)

wpid-img_20140603_190408.jpgAbove; Braided steel cage black in color, pendulum made of sea shells and braided steel black in color. This is a work in progress. I had to stop for the sake of my fingers 😛 See below for a little more detail.

wpid-img_20140603_190418.jpgAbove; This is point of convergence for all the supporting structures, right now there it’s a bit weak. That will improve tho. The plan for the top of the structure is to give this a tied off like a knot look, almost like a noose with the open hoop used to hang the piece or it can stand on it’s own. I’ve been toying with the steel and shells a little here and there, I’ve made a window hanging and a piece of jewelry. Not sure the jewelry will catch on but the decorative hangings may catch on.

wpid-img_20140603_190432.jpg wpid-img_20140603_190614.jpgAbove; up close look at the focal point of the piece. There is a variety of shells here, there is a claw in there somewhere. All held together and hanging from the center of the cage by a light gauge black steel. I took a couple shots so you can see the variety in the center piece. The shells had some naturally occurring holes and one was slightly damaged allowing me to thread the whole thing together.

wpid-img_20140603_190449.jpgAbove; The foundation of it all. Looks piddly now but this is gonna need to be beefed up if the piece is going to stand on it’s own. Or support perhaps small creatures. Birds, squirrels. What ever decides to climb around on it. I foresee this becoming a sculpture for the yard or maybe an end table piece? I’m gonna finish it and see what the market has to say about it. I can never tell whats gonna sell lol. I just roll the dice, build it and they buy 🙂 Love happy customers and my fans.

I can always use more of both, happy customers and fans.

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