New paint for Halifax Cyclists; Thanks for the reminder.

wpid-img_20140606_174826.jpgNoticed some new paint Friday morning on my way into Connections. This is located at the end of Dalhousie Universities gym parking lot, it mergers onto the road seen below.

wpid-img_20140606_174837.jpgNow I am thinking the city is pretty proud of themselves. Call me cynical but I’ve noticed a few initiatives take place in the passing days since the death of Johanna Dean in Dartmouth. Seems to be its always the way it goes, kinda like potholes get filled just before elections. The city had a camera crew setting up as I passed through to buff up the new image, hoping to catch a cyclist “waiting” before they pull into traffic who is likely in no way aware they are even there cause you can’t see them.

Ya know what I thought would always be nice here… Notice there is parking all along the street? I’ve approached this drive from both directions. And when your approaching this on the road going south, the driveway is practically invisible. I thought it would be nice to put something on the road or possibly the light post like a SIGN that says there are merging cyclist or merging traffic, maybe a hidden driveway sign. This driveway gets a lot of action from cyclist, I see 50-100 bikes parked on the university grounds in the day.

I hope this paint works. I can tell you though from my personal experience as a cyclist, its not often I that need to be reminded pulling out in front of 2000 lbs of vehicle without waiting first is not a good idea. I find drivers forget or ignore more often then not that in a street throw down, my bike and I loose every time 😦

How many times have I heard the golden claim… I didn’t see the cyclist, or the excuse “motorist are not looking for bikes/motorcycles” I got an idea. How bout the motorist start looking for cyclist, motorcycles, pedestrians. How bout ya start taking away the privilege to drive when due caution is not exercised by the one responsible for piloting the 2000 lbs weapon. Ignorance is no excuse for the law right?

I’m not saying there are not bad cyclist out there. Trust me there are. But I’ve seen and read about situations where a cyclist on the sidewalk strikes a pedestrian or doesn’t stop at a sidewalk and they do jail time for injuring or killing a person.

I’ve personally been hit at a busy intersection in Toronto by a motorist making an illegal turn at the intersection. I was struck off my bike and not one motorist stopped to help me, they just blew their horns and yelled for me to get outta the street. The woman who struck me didn’t stop till more than a Km up the road. She never left her vehicle, she wasn’t ticketed for the illegal turn. Although I was questioned, why was I in the intersection. WTF. I was riding my bike and oh yeah trying not to get killed while I “SWIM WITH THE SHARKS”.


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