my rock n roll shard garden


Tuesday Night @ The Spot

Above; I call this “rock n roll shard cactus”… I used a stone as the base to mold potters clay around. Smoothed the surface by hand and inserted custom cut shards of compact discs. I followed very precise patterns on the first of three. Finished two in this session, the second is a bit more random. I didn’t cut the shards to shape, just smashed them at random on the floor. And man did it feel good lol. The third I’ll finish next session.

The CD’s were donated to Connections but many of them were too damaged to use and many of them were very heavy rock or death metal. Not 100% conducive to the calm and inviting environment Connections tries to maintain for it’s members. So in the true spirit of our primary goal here at recovery_channel™ we recovered this landfill destine material and made art out of it 🙂 Special thanks to Heather for saving the CD’s.



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