doodle of the day; Untitled



Experimenting w/ Tombo water-based brush pens

I’m planning on reviving “doodle of the day”. I really need to do more sketch type practice material. I would really like to get into including people in my landscapes and possibly portraits. I’m getting a little rusty, the summer is really get’n me charged tho. I’ve been taking a lot of photos and your bound to soon be seeing some of my watercolor landscapes. Ya might even see a few bicycles, I love the old bikes I see around Halifax! People are painting them funky and bright colors to match the brightly painted homes that pepper downtown Halifax. I hope you enjoy and stay plugged in for more 🙂 Feel free to critique, I always enjoy feedback.

This has also been tweaked using Android photo editor. I think I’ll submit to the Android photography group on google+. Curious if it fits the criteria? I’ll find out soon enough.


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