Job Interviews & Murphy’s Law

Getting sick the day before a Job Interview; FML

Ugh, I’ve been job hunting for months. Hunting extra hard the past month or soo and I have felt great. Its been over a year since I’ve caught a cold or flu. But of course one day before a job interview I would catch the most bad ass cold 😦 My nose is running like a faucet and I’ve got the voice of a chainsaw. Think its possibly a mix of stomach something too. Little fever on and off. I just wanna get this interview over with. Truthfully I was just gonna blow it off. I spoke with the interviewer on the phone briefly and it is sounding like this is a call center based job. I don’t wanna work in a call center. Anyways, I have practice interview this afternoon with Heather. I’ll see how that goes and then take a swing at the real deal. Wish me luck.

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