Landing that Dream Job

Resumes, cover letters, interviews by the dozen!

I’ve finally landed a job. Honestly, its just a job. Nothing outstanding but it is exactly what I needed. I really only had to put my head down for about a month. I made it a point to apply to a targeted market at least once a day. My schedule was Job Search from 9 Am to 12 Noon. Then in the afternoon I switched focus onto my entrepreneurial goals. As mentioned above, bout a month later and professional helping hand/connection from Heather MacDonald my employment counselor I landed a job with the QEII Foundation; Fundraiser Communicator. The Hours are a perfect match to my needs. Part time, slow break back into the workforce. The hours are flexible and occupy my prime down time (I don’t like down time). Best of all, the employer knows I am in recovery and willing to work with my needs. I am really looking forward to starting with the QEII. July 6th is the magic number.

A major goal I can scratch off my list for now! Wish me luck.


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