working out & the health benefits!


working out & the physical/mental health benefits…

I started working out about a Month’n half ago. I was in pretty good shape already but the Dartmouth Sportsplex showed up at Connections with an offer I couldn’t refuse. The Thrive Initiative. Connections members used to benefit from an arrangement with the local YMCA, reduced membership fee. The YMCA is closing for a complete face lift. A 3 Yr face lift. So the Sportsplex stepped up. Honestly its a much better facility. I get Membership access to a full weight room, machines and free weights, full cardio room, track,, spin studio, pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, squash/racket ball courts and ice rink 11 Months of the year. A monthly fee valued at $130.00 a month. The initiative takes your income and expenditures into consideration and reduces the fee to a “pay what you can” model.

Honestly I feel like a King! And I really didn’t know how much I needed it. I’ve just turned 30 and I have to admit I am one step ahead of the game, I got good genetics. Healthy, high functioning metabolism. Naturally athletic. Not soo right in the head lol, that’s a story for another day. Soo here is what my typical workout looks like:

Cycle 10 Km to the Sportsplex

Row (fuck I love rowing) 5000 Meters, 25 Min

Run 2-5 Km depending on what I ate that day lol

15 Point body workout, not gonna list it all. I do 30 Reps pretty much all muscle groups, hit the steam room for 15 Min then the hot tub for 15 Min…

Then I finish is off with swimming laps for an hour. I don’t count, just swim.

Oh yeah, ride 10 Km home.

THE RESULTS; NOT what I expected. I knew I would see health benefits, getting in shape ect. But the most rewarding benefits were in my mood, my mind, my ability to concentrate. The ability to put my head down and get shit done. I was more productive in one month hashing out a committed schedule of job searching and entrepreneurial productivity that I had been in 5 Months prior to getting the membership. I was active before getting hooked up, but not active in such a wide variety of disciplines.

I’ve been sick for the past 10 Days and I am just getting over this thing. I’ve avoided the gym for the obvious reasons, don’t wanna spread my germs around. Don’t wanna pick up some’n else while my immune system is down. But I really notice the change in my ability to concentrate and stay productive. Just over the past week.

I really hope this Thrive program flourishes. I know a lot of people using it and I’m hearing a lot of the same feedback about the benefits from my friends/acquaintances. Just an all over sense of doing better, feeling better. Even the shy ones are peaking out from under the blanket of winter and joining the learn to walk, run, spin classes.

Shout out also to my Mom, she is making a great effort to step up and take her health/wellness to a new level. I love ya Mom and I hope you have the greatest success! Thanks for reading everyone!


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