doodle of the day; random markings


 Wednesday night @ Connections; random markings

We have been mixing things up @ Connections on Wednesday nights. The tree project meant to be a long term project is still a go but it’s been moved to the Thursday Open Studio group. I’m hoping to finish it off tomorrow. On this night @ Connections Hanna came in with the idea to have participants make a few random markings on their paper and then trade with another participant who would then finish the piece. We produced quite a few nice pieces. I have been meaning to post more pieces here from the participants but I always forget to ask if they mind being featured here on the site. So here a few of my creations. Mediums used here are simple Crayola markers & Vellum paper.

wpid-img_20140625_191939.jpg wpid-img_20140625_192114.jpgwpid-img_20140625_192142.jpg


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