The Great Canadian Bucket List (Western Edition)

friend of mine from Toronto & an amazing, accomplished woman 🙂 follow her journey @ 30 Day Road!

30 Day Road

1. Visit the Screaming Heads, Burks Falls
2. Cross Canada’s longest suspension bridge, Thunder Bay (Ouimet Canyon)
3. Hike through Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
4. Kakabeka Falls

*I cannot wait to revisit this segment of the Trans-Can. From previous travel notes:
July 04 2013: I spent the past six days riding through The States, but I didn’t realize that what I was really looking for was right here, in Ontario.

5. Visit the Agate Pits
6. Visit the World’s Largest Coke Can

*It’s actually my life goal to visit the World’s Largest Coke Can. I’m not even joking. Here’s a piece of written evidence:
July 02 2013: I’ll be cutting this trip short and riding to Winnipeg, not Portage La Prarie. Bye-Bye World’s Largest Coke Can.Damn.

7. Muddy Bandlands

8. Horse Thief Canyon
9. Visit the Hoodoos
10. Red Rock Coulee
11. Camp at…

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