Art & Crafts; sculptures n doodles


 Arts & Crafts; LAST SPOT SESSION!

Well it is upon us, The Spot participation is slowing to a crawl as our sessions draw to close for the summer. We decided to go freestyle this time around, no big Spotlight event like we usually do. Turn out was good and we had lots of food 🙂 Great chill time, I met a few new faces and it was quiet compared to the usual hum of rapid drum beats and mish mash of music. Made for some good conversation, uninterrupted conversation that I could legit understand what everyone was saying 😉 And I got my Art on!

Above; Decided to work with the steel wire and wood, threw in some sea shells. This has actually been a really common theme for me the last 2 or 3 Spot sessions. I think in total I’ve created 5 sculptures with the wire & shells.

Below; Sculpture made with wooden sticks, red clay, gold wire & shells. This was super experimental and honestly if you look at it the wrong way it just explodes into 10 or 15 pieces on the table lol. I like it tho, some’n about the gold wire. BLING. Lastly a long lost doodle, just some’n straight outta the imagination. I am pretty sure its not finished but it got abandoned in the bottom of The Spot Archive.

wpid-img_20140626_190134.jpg wpid-img_20140626_190124.jpg



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