on a POSITIVE note; clean bill of health…

In my last post I literally felt like I was falling apart. After I vented my business here it motivated me to action. I sat and said to myself, don’t focus on what I can’t do and focus on what I can do. Make change. And so I did.

I went to my worker and told him about my lack of motivation and my feelings of defeat. We discussed where to start and what I CAN do to positively effect my situation. We looked up contact information that I could use to file a formal complaint regarding the pharmacies professional misconduct and the impact it had on my well being. I called the Doctors office and I was lucky to get a last minute appointment 🙂 I went in and covered every single issue I am having head to toe. I have to say my Doctor is awesome and so attentive, taking the time to address each issue.

My eye is fine, just temporary discomfort from minor injury. My chest is fine, just the last stitch of a cold that won’t let go. My stomach is sorting itself out and I transferred my meds back to my old pharmacy. They were more than happy to help me out, find new meds that work better. My embarrassing mystery lump lol, a souvenir from 20 + Yrs of cycling. Thankfully not a fistula, varicose vein or anything potentially life threatening. Next best expression for what I have is err a callous, kinda like what you would get on your hand from mopping a lot or whatever lol (time to switch back to padded shorts, I was commuting w/o and distance with). Ugh I was soo relieved. And the discomfort in my legs from prolonged sitting, nothing to be worried about. Its a by product of low blood pressure and overuse of the muscles… Duh, I have been working out hard at the gym and cycling ect. You’d think I could put two and two together.

I’m getting back into the groove. Work starts on the 6th and I think it will be awesome for my mental health. Awesome for my pocket book! Cause I am telling you, the $390.00 per month disability rolls me doesn’t go far at all lol. I make due though, takes a little creative accounting 🙂


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